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I've had my boat with that same engine for over 5 years and I've never gotten over 2600 rpm's on it. I usually cruise at 1800 rpm's so when I go to 2600 I think I'm flying, and with diesel at $4.00 per gallon I sure don't want to burn more fuel. I think the important thing is if you are going fast. You can't exceed the hull speed of the boat. I think it's 8 knots and that's probably on calm seas. John "Moon Dog" SM 248

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 17:40:26 +0000
Subject: [Amel] rpm problems

Hi again all,
I tried to post this on my previous thread, but I couldn't find it using the search engine and just going back thru the topics??? I thought I had the rpm problem figured out, but alas, after all that was done it still won't get over 2400 under load. The mechanic who's looking at it now is convinced it's a timing belt problem and is working on that as we speak. I wrote to Amel and got this reply:

It looks like it does not come from the prop.
After reading your email, we know that some type of injectors can not be cleaned, and must be changed.
unfortunately, we are not able to say which type are fitted on your engine.
We also think that may come from the connection between the turbo and the injection pump.
When turbo turns, there is a low pressure pump asking to the injectors to supply more diesel.
This may be the reason.
Anyhow, the max rpm in load is 2800-3000 and not 3500 as mentionned.
Hope this helps.

I think everyone on this forum has suggested that the Volvo TMD22 should get ~3500 rpm under load. What should I be shooting for in terms of rpm under load with a clean AutoProp?

Thanks, as usual, for your replies,
Kristy SM243

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