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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Thanks Bill

I was not sure as I thought that these AC motors were quite sensitive to frequency - good to know.

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Yes, the Climma system will work at 60htz. I connected to 220-250 60htz many times over the years and so have many others.
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Hi Peter

Unless I am misunderstanding, if Mexico is a 60hz system will that ever work with the climate if it is designed for 50hz? 

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Thanks Andrew and Eric,
I am in the process of getting a new pump/motor.  With the suggestions and help from the group, I took the Calpeda pump out and isolated the winding leads and got the following readings :
> Main windings
> Green1 to Green2: 12.7Ohm
> Green1 to ground: 290 Ohm
> Green 2 to ground: 277 Ohm
> Starter windings
> Red to Black:  17.1 Ohm
> Red to ground: 260 Ohm
> Black to ground:  277 Ohm

The relatively low resistance to ground would explain why the Amel breaker on the 220 panel was tripping upon plugging in West coast 220 power with two hot legs, as one leg would be going through 280 ohms resistance to ground.  When powered from the generator that would be a neutral leg and would not draw enough current to trip the breaker.

Now the challenge is getting the replacement pump/motor here at a reasonable cost.  I’m trying a Mexican Calpeda distributor in an attempt to avoid exorbitant Mexican import duties.

Yes Andrew the generator is 220VAC, 50 Hz.

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