Re: Alternator charging a Lithium bank

Dominique Sery

Hello Doug,
I am in the process of installing lithium batteries on my 54.
I followed the different interventions (especially the very detailed one by Scott) with a lot of interest.
Like you I chose the Victron system.
My only concern is the Mastervolt 24V 110A alternator.
I have an Alpha pro 2 regulator and I bought a Masterbus USB interface that allows me to set the alternator parameters with the Mastervolt software to adapt it to lithium and also an alternator temperature sensor.
The Ve BMS Victron does not allow to disconnect the regulator from the alternator and it does not have enough power to control a relay (10mA only).
I only see the solution of the manual switch.
On my boat the Amel system consists of two relays: a 12 volts relay activated by the ignition key, this relay activates a 24 volts relay that feeds the regulator (brown wire).
The audible alarm of the Ve BMS only goes off in case of deep discharge but not in case of overload.
The BMV 712 can control a relay but it only takes into account the voltage of the boat but not the voltages of each cell as the BMS does.
I did not find a satisfactory solution, except to keep two lead batteries (for 24v) in buffer with a Cyrix Li CT as proposed by Victron but there are also disadvantages.
If anyone has a solution...

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