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Brent Cameron

John Harries over at Morgan’s Cloud did a pretty good analysis of the issues surrounding this concept.  I don’t agree with everything John posts but he’s generally right and always puts a lot of thought into his articles.   After more than 5 years, I gave up my subscription to them this year for some reason so can’t go back and see the articles (he did a two or three part series on it) but the net of it was that it significantly reduced the redundancy in the system, didn’t really lower the cost, and put more stress on the one component you really need when you need it (your main engine).  I thought it was really well done and came away with the impression that while Nigel’s heart was in the right place, it was far too complicated to ever be retrofitted to an Amel and would take away a lot of the benefits we already have on it given that we already have much of the redundancies in place already.  Perhaps one of the existing subscribers to Morgan’s Cloud could do a better synopsis….   

Net is there is no such thing as a free lunch - going to 48V doesn’t reduce the load on the system as P=VI.  This system says it can run 8.3KW.  That’s a hell of a lot of a load to hang off a belt driven pulley that imposes significant side loading on the crankshaft.  The Onan generators on Amel’s certainly don’t try that.  They have all of the thrust mounted shaft to shaft longitudinally like your C-Drive  - AND they still recommend replacing the thrust bearings on a regular basis as noted in a recent post..

Here’s the teaser on it.


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All - 

in our collective efforts to be more off-grid, and to simplify our already complex boats the Integral System (introduced to me by Matt Salatino) seems interesting /  promising albeit expensive. Following the conversation around lithium from you all over the last month has made me realize the number of nuances around this newer tech that i really need to "go to school" on :) 

Anyway.. i'm curious if any of you have looked at this and what your conclusions/thoughts are on it. Certainly having Nigel Calder back it bodes well. Not having a second engine to care for, combined with the premise that this will load the engine appropriately in ways that won't damage it even at idle is very cool... 


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