Re: Have any of you looked at the Integral System?

Bill Kinney


We just recently did a lot of research on power generation since we were replacing our old Onan, and this system was in the mix of options we considered. We quickly dropped it off the list when the full cost of the installation became clear. I also agree with Brent that the complexity of the system, and especially the complexity of a retro fit into an existing boat, is very high.

There are a wide variety of competing, even conflicting, needs when selecting an alternative energy system, and it is very rare than any two users (even on the same kind of boat!) will come to exactly the same answer.  To me, this system seemed to make a lot of sense for a motor yacht that spent a significant portion of it time underway. For a sailboat that spends most of its time at anchor, or sailing, I was hard pressed to understand the benefits.  Certainly in terms of overall fuel usage, generating routine house power loads with a 100 HP engine will never be as efficient a use of fuel as a much smaller engine, turning a properly sized generator--unless the 100HP motor is being used anyway, and for us that is relatively rare.

For us, and the way we use our boat, we felt there were much better, cheaper, easier to implement, paths to reliable and efficient power generation.  Other people will come to other conclusions.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Charleston, SC, USA

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