Re: Alternator charging a Lithium bank

Dean Gillies

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 07:17 PM, Scott SV Tengah wrote:

Dean - I think that without the BMV-712,  the Cerbo wouldn't know how many AH the MV alternator is putting into the batteries? Maybe it gets that value from its own shunt?

My REC BMS has its own shunt, which allows it to monitor Ah in/out (Coulomb count), this information is provided from my BMS to the Cerbo by CAN Bus and is used by the DVCC assistant as well as being displayed on the Touch. In my case the 712 is therefore redundant.
If the Victron batteries/BMS offer this same functionality, then I wondered if the 712 is not needed.  It may be that the Victron battery/BMS subsystem does not provide this function?

Cheers, Dean
SV Stella

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