Re: Bowrhruster gear pil or grease?

Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond

Hi Paul,

We have not used grease in the bowthruster, but we changed the lip seal to 29x42x7 from the original 30x42x7 which is what Amel have recommended. This change has prevented any leaking whilst on the hard and also hopefully preventing salt water seeping into the oil when submerged.

Kind regards
Ross and Donna
SV Intrepid Kiwi
SM2K #356

On Friday, February 19, 2021, 3:07 pm, Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

I'm serviceing/ repairing my bowrhruster. Remember a post a few years ago some one used grease instead of oil. Anyone have any experience using grease instead of oil? pros and cons? I notice that oil drops out from the lipseal when on the hard even with a new lipseal. Have now a new shaft the surface was a bit rough so smooth it with 2000 grit. 
Paul on sykerpa SM 259 Lagos 

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