Re: Bowrhruster gear pil or grease?

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul,

I use a mix of gear oil and grease that has overcome the propensity for the lubricant to leak out at the lip seal on the bow thruster propeller shaft. The mix has to be liquid enough to work its way to the bottom. I insert it with a plastic tube thin enough to fix down beside the driveshaft attached to a squeeze bottle. Has served me well for 10 years.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

On 20 February 2021 at 01:07 Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

I'm serviceing/ repairing my bowrhruster. Remember a post a few years ago some one used grease instead of oil. Anyone have any experience using grease instead of oil? pros and cons? I notice that oil drops out from the lipseal when on the hard even with a new lipseal. Have now a new shaft the surface was a bit rough so smooth it with 2000 grit. 
Paul on sykerpa SM 259 Lagos 

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