Re: Super Maramu interior upgrades

Bill Kinney

On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 09:32 PM, Brent Cameron wrote:
Didn’t you and Karen also install a hatch on the aft cabin deck just aft of the mizzen mast?  I absolutely remember being fascinated by your innovative mizzen traveller adjustment (just like the main traveller) and thought that I remembered noticing that you had an extra hatch that I hadn’t seen on other Super Maramus.   


The mizzen traveler modification is ours.  I didn't include it since it is not "interior", but I can't imagine sailing the boat without it.  We have not added a hatch, although have seen boats with that change.

I did forget to include the LED strip lights we added to the galley.  Another change I'd not want to lose. And red lights at key places through the cabin for night work on passage.


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