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Thank You so much.

Nice Idea.

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Not sure if this is a physical upgrade you were looking for but it is the first thing I would recommend to other Amel SM owners.  (Below is a cut and paste of an earlier post updated with new links to Google photos rather than Dropbox and a sink insert drying rack)

We thought we would share a solution we found for the slippery Corian-like counter tops.  OXO "Good Grip" silicone drying mats.  Advantages--


  • they are designed to contain liquids or other spilled substances
  • almost perfectly pre-sized for the SM counters.  We bought 5 "Large"; 1 "Square"; and 2 "Rectangular" --16.9" x 12.5"; 12" x 12"; 17" x 6".
  •  easy to clean, food safe silicone
  • withstand up to 425F, so you can set a hot pan on them
  • neutral color, durable, non-staining (after several months of use you can remove deposits with vinegar
  • highly slip resistant and you can still use a regular cutting board and drying rack on top of them
  • relatively inexpensive--we bought all 8 from Amazon for $121 

The 12x12 that goes over the pantry lid may be harder to find these days.


Google Photo pics (click for larger image/slide show)--   (BTW coffee cups are Ikea)

We used 5 of the large because our dishwasher was converted to a toploading fridge.  Not sure of the dimension size of the dishwasher.

We also use a drying rack with silicone sides (can be collapsed) that we constantly keep inserted in the left kitchen sink.  The silicone keeps it firmly wedged and prevents any wear or marks and the bottom is held about 1" above the drain of the sink.  It really controls any items that you might want to dry or drain while underway and we use it at anchor or dock as well.  We purchased it at The Container store, model info is in photo

Suzanne and Bob


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