Re: Vindvane on a 54?

Martin Bevan

I was the previous owner of Randall’s boat. Based on previous experience of short handed ocean sailing and being new to Amel with the 54, I thought I needed a wind and water powered self steering rig as a backup and to conserve power. After a great deal of research and endless discussions with Hydrovane I fitted one. Due to the boarding ladder it had to be offset. Whilst this arrangement might work on some similar sized boats it did not work for me. The water flow on the stern varies in direction with speed and heel, thus the mechanism does not stand a chance. Hydrovane were very good and took it back. I spent the money on a complete spare autopilot to carry as a spare. This eventually came in useful 60,000nm later in St Helena when the linear drive failed - somewhere not renown as a source of spare parts.  I hope that this information helps. 


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