Amel 55 fuel tank guage accuracy

Billy Newport

I've been running my boat in the marina this winter with the diesel heater running. It was down at a quarter in late Dec so I filled it with 103 gallons. I had fuel coming up the fill pipe in to the overflow bowl when I stopped so I'm pretty sure I filled it.
It was still about 1/2 full a couple of weeks ago and it's dropped to just under a quarter again yesterday. So, something is up here. A 230 gallon tank thats a quarter full doesn't fill with 103 gallons.
Has anyone any experience with the guages on a 55? I've ordered a yachtd tank level sensor which can be calibrated so I'll switch to that. But, without the sight guage from the SM's, what does a quarter full mean (130 gallons left?)

Amel 55#56

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