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The 712 from Victron is a good monitor, but all battery monitors used with conventional batteries become inaccurate the longer you wait to fully charge your batteries to 100%. Someone could probably write a book as to why this exists, but it does. If it has been longer than 1 week since your batteries were charge to 100%, the readings on the percent of charge will be inaccurate...longer, more inaccurate. Additionally, your Amel came with a Link 10 battery monitor, so someone has changed it to Mastervolt. Do you know if the settings programmed into the Mastervolt are accurate?

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On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 5:26 AM Slavko Despotovic <slavko@...> wrote:
I have Mastervolt BM on my SM that is not working well as it is shoving only positive values of current and very fluctuating (changing value all the time), remaining time is not shown, Ah are unreliable . So I assume that the unit is broken or shunt might send wrong info. Before buying new unit, most likely 712 from Victron I would like to know if there is any similar experience with Mastervolt unit.
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