Re: Mastervolt Batery Monitor

Slavko Despotovic

I have checked setting on MV monitor and they are as it should be. When ever I go to marina I plug 220V to my boat so I assume that it is charging to 100% as I stay at the boat 10-12 hours. Strange thing is that it never shows negative value, even when I am only on batteries, the remanning time is all the time CCCC that is strange as well. The remaining  Ah  is number higher than 1000, and I have 440Ah of batteries. On  my previous boat I had AMG 400Ah batteries and Mastervolt monitor that worked perfectly (showing Ah, Voltage, Current drain, ..., including voltage of starting battery as well).  I know the importance of the charging AMG batteries (currently on my Amel). Indication is that most likely  monitor have failed. 
SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Portoroz

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