Re: Mastervolt Batery Monitor

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hello Wolfgang, and other related Amelians,

your hint and listing of the Xantrex values are very interesting and important for me. we also have the Xantrex battery monitor on "Soleil Bleu" #088, as I'm sure many other 54s do. However, in the operator's manual I find a different listing of the positions as you describe. I have always wanted to readjust our Xantrex, also because we installed a complete AGM bank with Victrons 110 Ah last year, but I don't know the correct basic settings in the Xantrex for Amel 54. Do you perhaps have a newer Xantrex than we do? The manual I have just called up on the net is from Oct 2004. We took over the setting from the previous owner, with classic lead-acid batteries. Surely there are differences? 

Thank you for your much appreciated recommendations.

Fair finds and stay safe.

Amel 54 #162 came with XANTREX Batteriecheck
Original Programm for 630 Ah wet-cell :
F1  : 630 Ah                   F7 :   1,75                 r.b. : off
F2  :  27,3 V                   F 8  :  500 A              f.f.  : off
F3  :  7,0 %                      F9  :     30 A
F4  :  70 %                      F10 :  none
F5  :  23,5 V                    F11:  - - -
F6 :   80 %                       F12 :  off

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