Re: Where best to locate Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-1 Sensor Core on Santorin

antonio scipioni

Hi !
This is the position of CPU and gyro Sensor of the pilot I installed on my Santorin. 
SN108 vagabundo 

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Il giorno 20 feb 2021, alle ore 14:33, antonio scipioni via <stilemare@...> ha scritto:

Ok ! Give me some days to take pics.
Sn108 Rome 

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Il giorno 18 feb 2021, alle ore 18:04, Grant Starling via <grantstarling@...> ha scritto:

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for the feedback.  If you can post a photo of the location of the flux gate that would be appreciated.  Not sure that position is any more central then my current location behind the port salon sofa, but could be a better?

Good idea keeping the 6000 as a spare - I may do the same now that you mention it.  I already have a spare rotary drive motor, so probably good to have a spare back-up system for my circumnavigation.


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