Re: companionway

Bill Kinney


I assume you mean the part of the companionway that slides horizontally.  Over time, with many openings and closings, the fiberglass surface wears down, and it touches in places it shouldn't which adds a lot of friction.  If this is the case, you'll need to build up the material a little bit, and make it slipperier. Fortunetly, this is not hard.

You'll need remove the sliding part of the hatch by removing the metal brackets at the front of the track, the entire hatch will then pull out into the cockpit. Add a layer of slippery material to the bottom of the moving part of the hatch where it touches the boat below it.  Use something like this: UNMW PE Slide Tape. I think the 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) width is right, but you'll want to check that. You might have to add two layers of tape if your hatch is especially worn.  If you can find the tape in thicknesses greater than 5 mil that would be even better.

We did this about 4 years ago, and the hatch still moves like it is sliding on ice.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Charleston, SC, USA

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