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michael winand

I have just fully refurbished. Mine. 
You may have a problem with the key way on the inner cone. Mine was a bit twisted. If is damaged it may not engage the cone. 
I replaced the shaft, inner cone, all seals, oil, keyways, 
All parts are available. 
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On Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 7:33 am, eric freedman
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Hi Dave,

The gypsy sits on a cone. If it encounters too much resistance it is designed to slip.

You might check to see if the chain in the locker is jumbled and kicked.

Fair Winds


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Last season I found that my gipsy slipped despite tightening the wing nut down as tight as I could (used a few taps from a hammer at one point).  I've owned Celtic Cross for one season and I'm going to pull apart the windlass for routine maintenance using Alexander Von Uster's excellent maintenance photos.  The question I have is whether my gipsy is simply worn out and needs replacement or will the maintenance routine restore it to full functionality?  It's essentially a clutch so it looks like it can wear out eventually.

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