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The cause is that the chain builds up like a volcano then falls on itself, making it difficult to exit via the motor. Normally this volcano building is mitigated by the vertical wall in the middle of the chain locker. The ratcheting is caused by the built-in ratchet mechanism which is needed to operate the windlass manually. There is a longer version of this explanation, but it is boring.😀

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This is somewhat related. I find that sometimes when I try to drop my anchor the windlass will not turn and just makes a clicking sound ,I have to pull down on the chain to get it working .What causes that ?
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I have found that if I add too much grease to the cone/gypsy surfaces, they slip past each other too easily and will not have enough friction to haul up the anchor. After wiping off much of the excess grease, the proper functioning was restored. The anchor would haul up without slipping, but the gypsy would slip as intended if the pull weight became too strong. Moderation in all things!

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