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kent and others.
i personally use skype to skype when talking to my friends in europe.  We either make a quick call and then hang up and switch to skype.  Most of the time on skype people set their status as being available.  some users have it set that if you call their skype number it goes to their cell phone.  So its still free for you but i do believe they get charged.   On occasion i have arranged predetermined call times.
There is one other option.  The voice feature of skype is basiclally a hosted voice over IP phone system.  Similiar to Vonage.  Vonage requres an actually physical phone.  I use another  VOIP system for my business phone.  I actually have a couple of phones two of which ring at the same time with the same number but are 60 miles apart.  I'm switching vendors  in febuary when my contract is up to  They have two world plans starting at 19 bucks a month that is unlimited calls no per min charge or long distance charges.
The key for me is that i can still use my phone devices but when i travel their software supports what is called a "soft phone" which is basically a program that functions like a phone that sits on your computer.  (Counterpath writes and sells advanced phones but has a free version).  You use a head set -  there service in this regard is just like skype.  Both numbers are exactly the same and the person calling me would use my local number and can reach me any where i plug the phone into.  I have physically taken my phone device pluged it into the hotel internet in new york and have received my calls from indiana.  Same number - no worries. 
Since i have to have my business phone any way and  the mirrored device operates as my "home phone" when i'm at my home office the fixed costs is something i'm already paying. 
For those that are on their boat full time this may or may not be a good option depending on how often you want to talk to people.  Others that have a "lan" line at your home you could clearly see the savings.
****  The only thing that i haven't tried is the softphone using a wireless connection.  I have used it with skype and its not that bad***  trying not to get technical but for voip over ip to sound great it needs to travel through a router that is configured and set up to keep the "packets" of data in order.  Sometimes the voice data is sent over jumbled which is what some people refer to as jitter.*****  I have used skype over wireless and without the prefereed router and it works pretty well - a few problems.    Its not a perfect connection but the person i was calling was on Mega Yacht (zoom zoom zoom) and was using their satalite internet so i suspect the problem was with them. 
I suppose if somebody wants to sign up for a free skype account we can try it and i can unplug my compter and have it pick up the internet with the wireless.

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The caller can get a whopping phone bill for calling you.

When I call a phone out of the Usa from the states I use penny talk. For
example it costs me 2 cents a minute for phone to phone service.

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Hi Kent,

Skype is free if the other person is on a computer. If you use it to call a
landline phone it cost about 2 cents per minute. If you expect to receive
many calls, a local sim chip is convenient, and outside the US it does not
cost you anything to receive calls.


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