Re: Curtain Sizes for SM2000

Doug Smith

I was able to replace the track sliders with the following from Amazon.

DMSE Wholesale Ball Head Carrier Curtain Carriers Glides Sliders Slide, and Rollers (56 Pack)



Doug Smith

S/V Aventura, Amel 54-113

Patuxent River, MD USA


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Date: Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 12:29 PM
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Thank you Karen. So you just replaced the liner? Are you still using the original wrinkle band and the bean shaped curtain clips?
Bill Rouse speaks the truth, I have the blue and yellow cotton type fabric that has some mold in places. I am probably going to go with a polyester/polypropylene fabric:
I plan to get the same UV liner that Bill suggested:
The only bean sprout curtain hooks that Sailrite has are metal and not well rated. I am unsure about reusing the 16 year old plastic hooks. Anyone know where to find new plastic ones of the same size?

Much thanks,

SM 477, Avogato

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