Re: Does the faux teak prevent one From seeing damage before it is too late? #solution

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Over time the decks can look quite ugly. I think this is true with every brand of boat. Some owners try to keep the original look. Others have taken a different turn. I don’t this there is a horrendous argument either way. I would suggest you do what you like, what fits your budget and the valuation of your boat.


We had a home in our neighborhood the owner painted purple. Most neighbors thought it was an ugly color. A couple of years later the house was put up for sale. Most neighbors thought it would not sell because of the color or the new owner would immediately repaint the house. It sold very quickly to people who liked the color purple.


So, no. It will not drastically reduce the value of your boat. Besides, if the new owner doesn’t like the color, you can perhaps tactfully tell them when it’s their boat they can paint it any color they want.



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If the white sub teak gel coat gets damaged, can the faux teak prevent one from seeing the problem before one is subject to a saturated balsa core?

Is there a horrendous argument for just doing away with the faux teak and painting the deck blue like a westerly 33?

Would this dramatically lower the resale value of a forty year old Mango?

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