Re: Source of double lipped seals in the EU

Arno Luijten

On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 08:51 PM, Craig Briggs wrote:
Hey Arno,
Perhaps on the 54 but not on earlier SM's, SN's etc. Do you also have an engine air intake filter? Not on the earlier models. Maybe global warming is causing more dust in the air such that engine rooms are now like farm fields. :-)
SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL
Hi Craig,

Have a look at the enclosed PDF.
As you can see it's drawn in the early nineties. It is the top end of the C-Drive and it shows clearly the double lipped seal at the ingoing shaft of the C-drive. I'm not exactly sure about the build years of the different Amels but I'm pretty sure this drawing originates from the Super Maramu-era.
As this is only a single seal my guess is they wanted to maximize its lifetime by using a double lipped seal.

And about dust in the air, you should visit Curacao at some days, lots of Sahara Dust in the air. Typically our Amel is covered in the stuff after we collect her at the end of the hurricane season. Speaking from experience that dust works its way into everything. An intake filter is always a good idea.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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