Re: Stern tube hose

Steve Leeds

I own a 1985 Sharki and was not sure what size hose I needed for my stuffing box.  It turns out it is apparently the same as a Maramu -- approximately 54mm (actually 54.31mm.  AMEL said they can't help me (they usually can).  One of my clients who owns a Spanish boat was able to order hose from Barcelona Propellers but they have 50mm and 60mm but not 54 or 55mm.  I called the owner of Tides Marine, who is a friend, and asked if he would use his hose with a conventional stuffing box and he said no. 

Has any owner in Europe found a source of metric hose in 54mm?  I am not ready to switch to a "dripless" stuffing box yet as I have seen too many failures with every brand, some very serious,
among my clients. I have had the standard installed conventional stuffing box with the original hose for the whole time I have owned my Sharki.  The boat is 36 years old and I have owned it for almost 31 years.  During that time we have sailed over 45,000 NM on our circumnavigation and previous owners have crossed the Atlantic once and visited the Caribbean several times from New England with no issues.

On a separate topic, we were told by the previous owner that our shaft was 1 3/8" and he was going through cutlass bearings at a rapid rate as did we.  We replaced our shaft in New Zealand with a 1 3/8" shaft and only then learned that our old shaft was 35mm which explained the cutlass bearing failures.  We have replaced very few since then.

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