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Brent Cameron

Hi Courtney, for sure this isn’t something that is going to happen in a month or two… at best it would likely be ready for the fall if there is sufficient interest (right now we have something like 125 responses and we were hoping for about 200-500) but much more likely for the 2022 year as there would be a lot of tasks to complete before we could start providing cover (including setting up a company, assigning directors, getting backing coverage, etc).  JB Duler is our insurance expert and can likely give you a better idea on the potential timeline if I’m way off.  

In terms of the interest seen so far, it seems that one of the issues we are facing is that a lot of the AYOG group do not subscribe to regular messages on this forum so it seems likely that we haven’t reached our goal in terms of actually reaching out to potential owners.   So if you (or any of the folks reading this) know of any owners that we might not have reached, please let them know to fill out the survey at: 
English version:
French version:



Brent Cameron

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Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada

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