Re: Damaged Chock

Steve Leeds

I believe the chock is a Goiot but I don't find it in their current catalog.  Maybe AMEL has one in stock.  clean up the damaged deck, tape under the deck and wet out with West System epoxy and then fill with West System epoxy thickened with high density (404) filler.  Don't over fill the hole as this stuff is super strong and does not sand easily.  Get a gelcoat specialist to match and clean up the area you can see.  If you can find the replacement chock, bolt one side and drill down through the new one.  There should be a backing plate underneath.  

I you were using the same type of low stretch line that you show in the photo of the good chock, that helps explain what happened.  You should be using high stretch nylon line for dock lines to absorb the movement of the boat and act as a shock absorber.

I hope that helps,

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121 1985

On Monday, March 8, 2021, 07:33:23 AM EST, Aras Grinius <aras.grinius@...> wrote:

So for the last several days we had some quite strong Northeasters blowing [gusting up to 30 knots].  These unrelenting winds have taken a toll on my 30 year old chock.  I need to replace them. I sent Maude a note asking for new new ones.  The questions is how to best repair the fiberglass damage and make it strong as the original or better.  More over, access to the corner is very difficult on my Sharki.

Aras Grinius
Sharki #163 1988

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