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Miles, Brent et alia,


Not only the fact that the carriers refuse to renew is bothersome but, in my experience, you get this notice ONLY 3, maybe 4 weeks ahead of expiration; now adding the additional “ beat the dead line” pressure in the search & research for a new insurance provider. Originally my agent offered a cover which was almost 3 times what I paid the previous year to which I replied “not a snowball’s chance in hell” am I going to pay that. However, searching for almost 2 weeks to no avail I was mentally getting ready to pay this amount when he returned with my current policy which, although USD2K more expensive (of which about USD1,100 Dutch Insurance taxes simply because the boat was registered in THE NETHERLANDS), then my previous insurance I accepted.


Talking last year to several parties involved (owners, agents as well as front companies, re-insurers in LONDON etc.) I have come to the conclusion that obtaining cover is going to be far more challenging than “can I get a better price”.


Therefore – being able to get some control of the process by developing an AMEL Group insurance would be extremely helpful. In order to help the small research team pls IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, please help by filling out the survey at: 


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Brent,


I have just received notice that my insurance will not be renewed so I am now interested.




Miles s/y Ladybug,  sm216

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