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Nat Bossett

Pantanaeus gave me reasonable notice that they were pulling out of the USA market (and have been otherwise pleasant to work with, I'd contact Lisa in their NY office again), but this was in the height of COVID here so working with a yard and surveyor to get things done for the standard insurance companies would have been a hassle bordering on unmanageable.

I did find one that would handle it on short notice without an additional survey (and at a reasonable price!) though the cruising limits are tiny. I really don't blame them for that even though the limits are almost comical because I pretty much asked them for liability coverage and said that given COVID I didn't plan to really go anywhere far from my California USA slip for a year anyway so quote me something... and they did.

An owner's association plan would be interesting. I'd be interested to see how something like that can be structured (neutral underwriting and claim processing).


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On 08.03.2021 13:26, Teun BAAS wrote:
Miles, Brent et alia,
Not only the fact that the carriers refuse to renew is bothersome but,
in my experience, you get this notice ONLY 3, maybe 4 weeks ahead of
expiration; now adding the additional " beat the dead line" pressure
Best Regards Teun
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