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Wanted to reinforce James's comment where he says "I try to pull my anchor chain out each time I am in a marina, rinse and dry the locker....I also keep the chain door open to vent as much as I can so that things can dry inside the locker."  In addition to keeping down wood rot it also prevents chain rust and I am willing to bet that most chain rust occurs in the chain locker when the chain is coated with damp salt for long periods of time.

Securing the chain locker access door can be a challenge .  I was recently running through photos and ran into this photo of a project I completed while we were locked down in Santa Marta, Colombia for 7 weeks about a year ago!

Using re-purposed stainless door stops you can make your locker door easier to position and perhaps it works as an incentive to vent the chain locker or to spray it out after chain is removed and rinsed with fresh water.

Self explanitary project photo is here--    The door is easy to "hang"  on the opening while you dog down the wooden bar--all while trying to avoid crushing the AC ducting with your elbow!  Best to position and mark the holes of the door stops while the door is correctly positioned and then remove and drill and secure with screws--make sure you buy ones that are tall enough to grab the opening.  You can also add horizontal positioning but it seems unnecessary.

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM429

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