Re: Problem dismantling the main furler worm gear box

Ian Shepherd

Victor I have just been through what you are trying to do. If you look carefully at the end caps there are 4 small tapped holes into which you can screw bolts it which will ease the end cap outwards. The problem I found was that I could not get the correct sized bolts her in the EU. I think they may be US sized. So this method did not work for me. So this is how I did it.

Firstly, be very careful as the end caps are easily broken if hit with a mallet or forced off with a screwdriver. One of my two gearboxes was very difficult to get apart, but with a lot of patience it can be done.

I mounted the gearbox in the jaws of a workbench gripping the sides of the worm gear casing so that the end caps are free. Using a Stanley knife I very slowly tapped the blade into the joint of the end cap and the main body of the gearbox with a mallet. Try doing this away from the corners which are more liable to break off. Eventually I succeeded in opening up a small gap, and working around all sides of the end cap I was able to use larger and larger wedges until the cap came free.

Then go to the other side of the gearbox and drive the steel shaft towards the opened end with a drift and a hammer. (The right sized socket works fine). The shaft and bearings will pop out leaving the worm gear exposed for inspection.

Incidentally I drilled and tapped two holes near the worm gear to allow grease to be pumped in every six moths. The second hole is to allow air to come out when the grease goes in. After greasing the holes are sealed with nylon bolts and washers. Since doing this I have not suffered a gear failure. I also plan to drill the 4 holes to a bigger size and tap to a metric thread size.

Good luck!

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader (Cyprus)

On 09/03/2021 22:12, VICTOR MOLERO wrote:
Hello all.
I have also dismantled the gearbox of the main's furler because it made a horrible sound and finally didn't have enough strength to move the furler. Now I have the gearbox over my table, and I am not being able to loosen the bolts that hold the side cap that covers the horizontal shaft coming from the motor. So I decided to follow another path by loosening the bolts that are underneath to get out the vertical shaft that actually moves the furler; these bolts came out nicely, but there's no way I can move the cap. Can anyone provide any tip, recommendation or saint to pray to...
Thanks in advance.
SM#314 Alendoy
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