Re: asymmetrical spinnaker


One year ago, I installed a Code Zero. I wanted to do without a bow sprit and after a lengthy discussion with the sailmaker ( North ) and the rigger, we finally decided to use, as attachment points, the central roller for the bow and the small aluminium nose at the Masthead end, adding an external halyard.
I was afraid that the rolled Genoa and the rolled Code zero would sit too close for safe handling but, as it was, they resulted perfectly parallel, at a safe distance and worked impeccably, The attachment to the central bow roller is the simplest thing: a dynema closed loop doubled around the roller and blocked by a common shackle to the stay sewn into the Code.
Also the reefing line is a closed loop, brought back to the cockpit and, via a block on the rail, to the electric primary which, giving us (aged couple), the. pleasure of an electrically operated furling and unfurling
Paolo Cuneo
SM 454 Whisper

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