Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Anchor Locker


Hi Mark,

I have an ozone generator that fits in the opening to the chain locker. About once a year or more, I run it into the locker for a few hours.  This seems to control the mold and the mold odor and it kills any air-born mold spores.  After this I leave the opening open for ventilation when I am at a dock.  One must be careful of much ozone getting into the boat because ozone is a strong oxidizing  gas and it will age rubber and make it brittle—not good for hoses.  Just enough to smell will kill air-born spores (and any odors).  The ozone itself has a very short half-life.  Half an hour or so is long enough for it to dissipate. 


Miles Bidwell, s/y Ladybug, sm 216 in Martinique while I am still in Rhode Island


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