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This is still the case on Rascal. Small grey water tank is still there  under the floorboards under the galley sink. The pump is mounted in the engine room and  so far it all works pretty well. I am still careful about what goes into it with regards waste etc (no coffee grounds and as little as possible with regards fine particles etc so not sure what difference it really makes to the overall grey water management across the two bilges. 

The tank is very easy to clean and maintain. Being the new owner I am unable to comment on the impact on the main grey water bilge, but having cleaned out both bilges over the past month, I know which one I would rather clean out on a regular basis.

I understand the concerns about the integrity of the bulkheads and ho this could be jeopardised if the installation was not structurally sound. 

Happy to send photos of the set up if required, and I am sure that previous owners will have their own opinions, as will other SM owners with far more experience of ownership than myself, but for me, for now it stays...

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Hi Alan,

I was onboard Rascal SM-404 a few years ago. One of the previous owners had installed a grey water sump kit, (like an off the shelf marine shower / grey water sump kit), under the galley sink which then was plumbed into a Y installed prior to hull the exit point of the main through hull. It was a simple set up which seemed to work well and did not require adding another through hull. 

Aramis SM-444
Comox, BC, Canada

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