24v Raymarine Linear Drive Clutch Opperation by NAC-3

Chris Doucette

Hello everyone,

I have had to replace my Old Raymarine ST7000 + autopiliot computer.  I have gone with a NAC-3 B&G- as many of my new instraments are B&G and I want the integration.   As such, I have run into a hickup with setting this up with my existing Raymarine Type 2 Long Linear Drive 24v- a solid and well working device I do not want to spend 2K replacing.     I did some research and the NAC-3 will handle this drive unit.  HOWEVER, it appeas that the CLUTCH on this unit is 12v.  In fact, Ray always uses 12v on their clutches irrepective of the drive voltage (24 or 12) and the Ray autopilot units have a 12v /24v selector for the clutch wires.  This is where i got stuck.  The NAC-3 only sends nominal (24v or 12v) voltage to both the drive and the clutch with no way to selecting a differing voltage for the clutch.  The voltage the drive gets, is what the clutch gets.  So to keep my Raymarine drive unit I need to send the cluch 12v.  

My proposed solution.  Being the cluch is 12v and draws a maximum of 3A and I know that the NAC3 can provide that amporage, I plan on involving in-lining a simple 24v to 12 step down converter/regulator in the clutch curcuit a as like this one... https://www.amazon.com/Kohree-Converter-Regulator-Waterproof-Transformer/dp/B0756W6V4F/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Kohree%2BDC%2FDC&qid=1615838251&sr=8-2&th=1  I do believe this will work..   So my quest to you is this- any major flaws in this or consideration / solutions that I am overlooking?  Thanks!  

S/V Amarok SM385

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