Re: 24v Raymarine Linear Drive Clutch Opperation by NAC-3

Bill Kinney

Installing a 24 to 12 volt convertor for this is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. It WILL work, but is  an insanely complex and expensive solution to a REALLY simple problem.  I am a very big fan of Victron equipment, but it really is not the right answer for this problem.

A relay is a bit better, but still much more complex a system than needed.

All you need is a resistor.  Measure the resistance of the clutch coil, and install a resistor in series with it that is as close as you can to match it.  If it costs more than $1 you are overpaying.

Ohm wrote the law. Take half the voltage drop across the resistor and half across the coil. 100% reliable. Just chose the right resistance and power rating.

We have been sailing for 5 years with a B&G 24 volt clutch output feeding a raymarine drive just using a 25 Watt/30 Ohm resistor (over kill, but it was so cheap not worth fine tuning) in series to take half the voltage drop.  The clutch is happy, the drive computer is happy.  I am happy because the whole setup cost $0.89 and has no failure modes I can see.

Keep it simple.

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