Re: Electronic technician to Repair Onan PCBs


Back in August, while running system checks, I discovered my Onan wasn't working, and the PCB board was the cause.
After a worldwide search, and the explanation (by Onan) that their supplier had gone out of business, the PCB board was unavailable from them. They were trying to get a new company to provide them.
I found one from a company called Arkansas Valley Diesel. It was a few hundred more, but it got me up and running. They had a dozen more in stock.
Strangely enough, in late January, a PCB board appeared in a package shipped from Onan. They had never deleted my order. 
I returned it. It's uncertain as to whether they have a new company producing the board, or one turned up, and with my "engine down" order still on their parts ordering system, they sent it to me.
Perhaps Onan has a new company producing the PCB board. The person I spoke to when the engine down order proved fruitless said they hoped to have the boards available within 9 months. It was about 5 or 6 months after ordering it originally that I got one. 
If they're available, It certainly would be more timely to get a new one then have to send the old one out for a repair.
Best Regards,
Spirit 54 #14 Shinnecock,NY

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