Re: Electronic technician to Repair Onan PCBs

Stefan Jeukendrup


The use of  "chips" programmed with internal software (also called firmware) is wide spread these days.
Security fuses inside these microcontrollers dictate wether a third party can read the "firmware" with a programming  tool.
Or not...and that is a very attractive way for a company to control the market.....

Microcontrollers and their embedded firmware are normally very reliable (lightning strikes excluded)
In my experience  most failures on a PCB have to do with the periferals that connect the microcontroller to the outside world: drivers, control lines, protection devices and power supplies.
One can often roughly tell what the function of a "chip" is just by looking at its number, then download its datasheet on the internet and measure if it works correctly.

Avaiable for help, I hope this information is usefull in some way.


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