Washing machine Amel 54, how to remove

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear Amelians

The Bosch Washing machine on WASABI is dripping the fuse and I want to remove or replace it.
I tried to pull it out but something is holding it at the back where I have no access. I searched the forum but was not able to find a solution. I can imaging that there are some fixing points with (screws) at the back but I can not get access by hand. Maybe the top part of the Bosch machine can be removed separately to get better access to the back. 

Before I do it with more force and potentially damaging something, I like to ask these wonderful forum for some advice. Does anyone has experience by removing the washer and what is the trick if there is one.

Thanks a lot for any advice and best regards
Ruedi & Sabina Waldispuehl 
WASABI, AMEL 54 #55 

Currently in Almerimar

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