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I was able to do it, so it can't be that hard :) 

It will take you a day to set up and requires a Windows computer to configure the software for the pump controller and interface between the Frigoboat interface and the pump controller. Point, click and load files. I would reach out to Oliver - he's a bit busy with a new child, but he will respond eventually. I can't speak for him, but I think he's intending on making a ready-to-install solution. That will probably make it easier to implement. I have no commercial interest in this nor do I want any.

I wanted to get it early because I "only" had a few remaining flojet pumps aboard. And being in the South Pacific and hearing about Garulfo waiting months to get a new pump, I wanted a better solution ASAP. If you do it yourself, you'll need to get a bracket made to mount the motor and pump head, but that was simple and cost me $20 - it's just a bent piece of aluminum. Aligning the motor to the pump head was the most difficult part, but I did it with a cordless hand drill and a dremel. I'm sure the metal shop could do that part for you, too.

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I would also be interested in getting this new pump. I haven’t followed this thread in derail but I do seem to recall that it was custom built, so would this be a problem for the “lay” owner?




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Hi all,


I cannot comment on longevity yet because I have not run the brushless for longer than six months, which was my average lifespan of the Amel Spec'd Flojets. Time will tell but so far the energy savings has continued and the freezer definitely is colder. Earlier I had to keep the freezer at MAX and now I have it set at 4-5 and more of the food stays frozen. Same climate (French Polynesia) and same amount of food in the freezer.


FYI I run the two galley fridges and the saloon freezer at all times.


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Yes wonderful Oliver and Scott I am very interested in the new pump.  Eagerly awaiting more details 

Cheers 🥂 

Well done 




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Hello Oliver,

how long did these pumps last with you so far? 
How is it possible (for laypeople) to get these pumps (ready for use)?

Best regards
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