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Patrick McAneny

I fabricated an arm from probably 1/4" steel ,which I welded to the existing quadrant ,which extends out into the cabin a few inches, hidden in a matching wood box . The quadrant is very easy to remove. I installed the computer in the compartment above the sink in the galley , a few feet from the autopilot control at the helm. I found to install the linear in the location that Amel did from the factory was next to impossible ,due to space constraints and that Amel had not installed stringers( which would need to be cut out) on boats ordered with factory installed linear drives. I was going to give up on installing a linear drive ,then I came up with this design/install and it as worked very well for 14 years now. 
I sent a template of the arm  to another Amel owner in Hawaii ,who installed a linear drive using this design . I believe he learned the value of having a backup drive ,after having to hand steer half way to Hawaii ,I think a couple of thousand miles. There should be an award for that.
If you should need any other questions answered ,please don't hesitate to contact me .
Good Luck,
Patrick McAneny 
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Hi Pat

I would also like to install a second autopilot with the linear type 2L/24V drive unit directly connected to the quadrant.  Your pictures clearly show what you did.

How did you make the quadrant arm longer, or did you make a new one?  Was it easy to remove?

Did you position the Raymarine ACU-400 near the drive unit (where exactly) or closer to the cockpit?  On SM where Amel made the installation, where is the ACU-400 placed?

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