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Patrick McAneny

Eamonn, I just read my post after sending it and I don't think I made the extension arm so heavy ,it is probably made from 1/8" ,3/16" steel at most. I will be down to the boat one day soon , and could take measurements for you ,if you like. I could make a template of the arm and mail it to you as well ,let me know.
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Hi Pat

I would also like to install a second autopilot with the linear type 2L/24V drive unit directly connected to the quadrant.  Your pictures clearly show what you did.

How did you make the quadrant arm longer, or did you make a new one?  Was it easy to remove?

Did you position the Raymarine ACU-400 near the drive unit (where exactly) or closer to the cockpit?  On SM where Amel made the installation, where is the ACU-400 placed?

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