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Hey Pat. A dumb question to try to educate me. I have always heard that the optimal two autopilot setup on the Super Maramu was to have one in the rudder quadrant under the master cabin berth and a rotary drive in the cabinet above the galley sink. I’ve heard that the benefit of this solution is that you run the one under the berth during the day when nobody is occupying it and switch to the one over the galley sink at night. The logic was that as autopilots are almost critical components, you want to spread the load.

I’ve always thought that this being the case that I’d have spare drives of both types and at least one spare computer and head unit (assuming they are interchangeable between the units). I’m curious as to the reason you would put a second linear drive on the rudder quadrant rather than install a rotary drive above the galley sink. (I totally get why you want a second drive). Is it harder to retrofit the chain/cog system for a rotary drive?  Or is there some other reason?  I have noticed that  a lot of 54’s came with dual hydraulic rams under the aft cabin berth but I figured that perhaps they were quieter and it made redundancy easier (same spare could be used for either drive).  I don’t mean to open up a whole different can of worms here but I’d like to understand it better. Thanks. 


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Eamonn, I just read my post after sending it and I don't think I made the extension arm so heavy ,it is probably made from 1/8" ,3/16" steel at most. I will be down to the boat one day soon , and could take measurements for you ,if you like. I could make a template of the arm and mail it to you as well ,let me know.
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Hi Pat

I would also like to install a second autopilot with the linear type 2L/24V drive unit directly connected to the quadrant.  Your pictures clearly show what you did.

How did you make the quadrant arm longer, or did you make a new one?  Was it easy to remove?

Did you position the Raymarine ACU-400 near the drive unit (where exactly) or closer to the cockpit?  On SM where Amel made the installation, where is the ACU-400 placed?

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