Remote control for mizen furling

Billy Newport

My boat has a Jay electronic remote control which should control the mast and outhaul motors for the mizen. It does nothing right now and I'm wondering if someone else had such a system fitted to their Amel 55. I'm wondering if it needs to be re-paired with the receiver. I have looked under the cockpit switch panel but I don't see anything which looks like a radio receiver and I've looked above the removeable roof panel in the aft corridor where the mizen mast wiring comes down and it connected to current limiters and relays and such. I have the jay manual and it looks like either a grey or yellow box with an antenna attached.

Any help apprec, unfurling the mizen when the hard top is back seems very hard to me right now and I cannot see the sail unfurl. My mizen furls slower than the outhaul so I need to feather the outhaul when furling the sail which is hard to do without a visual cue (at least for me). The main sail I can see through the hatches on the hardtop so that I'm confident doing.

Amel 55#56 (Coder)

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