Searching for outdoor, motion activated 24V LED light for stern arch

Scott SV Tengah

Hey Amelians,

I figure someone has found/installed a motion-activated 24v LED light. We would like to have it there so that when we dinghy back at night and hop on the swim step, the light comes on for say, 30 seconds. That's the primary use but, of course, it would function as a security light, too.

A few more features I'd love to have:

- IP68 waterproof or better
- Mounts easily on 2 inch / 5cm stainless tubing
- Wide enough sensor coverage so the light will come on if you step anywhere on the stern. But not so sensitive that waves trigger it.
- 24v as I have that wiring in place, already. Solar would be ok, too.
- Only comes on if it detects motion at night.

Anyone find/install anything that meets these requirements?


2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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