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Not sure I am the expert here, but here goes with my 10cents worth.

The hose from the sink bilge runs back through into the engine room. I assume that this is the original route, feeding into the grey bilge. 

There is a bilge pump mounted on the engine Bay bulkhead that is triggered by the grey water bilge under the sink. This pump gulps the waste from the bilge and via a looping vertical and then heads across to  port, route, then enters the main grey water bilge outflow hose, via a “Y” connect and then out out the boat via the main grey water bilge hose. 

It works ok, but I donot t put any solids at all down it. 

I have cleaned both bilges in the past month. I sense that I will have to clean the sink bilge more often to prevent any odour from this. I have noticed that after 10 days on the hard it was pretty ripe, so have cleaned it again. 

With regards the macerated idea. Not sure I am the expert, but intuitively I would be concerned that it would struggle to do the lift and pump out over such a distance. Again, I am the uneducated at such things, maybe in series with a bilge pump. 

Hope this helps

Again, I’m not sure I’ll keep the solution I was presented. For now, it works, easier to clean , so it stays.... but I am very diligent about what goes in, much like I would be if the original / proper Amel SM setup. 


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On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 11:42 AM, Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313@...> wrThanks for the post, Alan.  Good to be able to think about potential improvements if we cannot sail or even realistically plan sailing soon.   I am considering installing something similar on my A55 but the pictures are not clear to me since I’m not familiar enough with the SM.  How is the exit hose from the tank run - which seacock does it use?   I think it would be preferable to have a macerator pump deal with what goes into the tank so there is no issue with the usual kitchen residue like coffee grounds and, indeed, pasta going down the drain.  

cheers Joerg

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