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Patrick McAneny

Rob, I have not seen the pictures in years ,but you should be able to see them in the photo/file section. Assuming you do not have a factory installed linear drive and would like to install one ,take a look ,any questions ,don't hesitate to ask.
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Hi Pat

I'd be very interested in seeing your linear drive installation pictures too.



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On Sun, 21 Mar 2021, 12:51 Patrick McAneny via, <> wrote:
Eamonn, You came to the same conclusion as I did. I originally took a photo from an Amel  with a factory installed drive ,and intended to install mine in the same way. It became clear that to do so, I would need to cut out structural stringers and cut out the tabbing that secured the plywood bed base on the starboard side to remove it ,none of which I was willing to do. Also to mount the drive and to calculate the throw (travel) of the arm ,would have been very hard . As you said , the way I installed it ,only required a small amount of cosmetic change ,and I enclosed the arm within a small mahogany box that is up and out of the way,which you never even notice .
From my photos you can see where I mounted the base to the bulkhead under the bed , I added (epoxied ) backing plates and spacers . I will take some addition photos and measurements and send them along or place them in the photo section along with the rest of my photos on the subject,if that is possible. I will have to consult with my in house nerd , Diane on that. It is all that I can do to reply (type) with my two index fingers. They did not teach typing back in my day , as it was before the invention of the typewriter. Well my fingers are sore ,see ya.
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Hi Pat

it seems that Amel installed autopilots directly on the quadrant which were based on the aft arm of the quadrant being extended aft.  Older Super Maramus cannot extend the quadrant aft without making structural changes to the stringers, which is an unnecessary risk.  So your solution of extending the forward arm of the quadrant with cosmetic changes only (not structural) is the way to go.

Yes it would be helpful if you measured the thickness of the arm extension that you welded onto the quadrant.  I would be tempted to continue the quadrant extension with metal of the same thickness, or even to make a new one piece extended quadrant.   The dimensions of the extension would be useful too, as well as a close up photo of the extension piece.  No rush, it will be a while before I am allowed near the boat.

Many thanks
Eamonn Washington
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