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Hi Chris,

Airmar also makes a speed transducer that does not have a paddle wheel.

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From: On Behalf Of Chris Doucette
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2021 10:49 AM
Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Depth Sounder Replacement in a SM 2000


As most of my sailing instramentation and hardware is now NMEA 2000, the last two sensors I need to address are the transducers (Depth, Temp, Speed).  After these I can Retire my Hydra 2000 and all the assicated mountain of wires.

I have three devices in the forward hallway floor hatch- all of them seem to be analog and designed to connect to the Hydra. 
1) Some small temperature sensor transduces that is not hooked up.
2) A "small diameter"  depth sounder (two wires pins 29,30 oh hydra) with a cable that has Airmar tranducer printed on it.
3) A "Larger diameter" Airmar ST850 device (Speed and Temp) (ST850-INS-BG P/N: 31-590-23-02)

I "think" that the ST850 device is a P17 housing ( 51mm or 2") from searches. 

Proposed soluton-
There is this device that seems like it could be fit for replacing the ST850 that has NMEA 2K Speed, Depth, and Temp.

Am I correct that this would work? I am sure otherse here have done something simalar-   I also think Brian for Delos may have for instance.  
Am I not thinking of something or have this all wrong?  What have you done?

Thank you !

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