Re: Depth Sounder Replacement in a SM 2000

Matt & Michelle Day, SM#208 SV Talia


All the major electronics brands use the Airmar sensors.  All will work on your NMEA2K network.

We elected for a DST810 sensor with the paddle wheel.  Now Airmar has recently brought out the DX900 that is all ultrasonic.  Seems like a cool piece of kit...lower maintenance for sure.  However, I can't seem to find one in stock in the market, and the quoted prices are at least 2X the DST810.

I am now questioning if I change to the DX900, or just have a spare DST810 (clean it in my own time after change).

Either way you will have to replace the original thru hull with a larger unit. We opted for the bronze unit because I just don't like the idea of a plastic fitting as a critical component. 


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