Hi Bill and members of this group,good day to you all and hope all is well and covid-19 free .
Here in Italy at the moment we are suffering total lockdown in most of the regions.
This is my second time I send a message to the group and in particular to you Bill , looking for advice.
My name is Maurizio SM2 #447 and I'm based in Italy.I follow you Bill since your navigation around the world.(you been ideed a great inspiration )
I'm now reconditioning my dessalator (only 34 hours of use) and the question I kindly ask to you and to the group is this:
From below photo attached, your knowledge and experience, do you think the part is having a leak? Bill, Your photos of the back of the panel has been a great help to understand the circuit...thanks so much.
From the back of the panel I didn't notice any evidence of water dropping neather on the foor.
What is your advise ? What should I do? I'm confused. Is there a real leak or is something else?I changed the HP tube fromĀ  panel to membrane because of a leack in the engine room, (one drop every 5 seconds) , I purchased Loctite 577 (new product for this kind of ermetic application) and I will be ready soon to riconnect the all circuit.
Thanks in advance for any advice you might have for me.
Kind regards

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