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It appears to me that the "discard hose" was not connected tight and leaked. This connection is not high pressure, but pressure can build up if the valve below is turned off.

I cannot be sure without testing, but I believe that you can clean up this pipe where the hose connects (green circle) and reconnect the hose using silicone sealant on the pipe and 2 hose clamps. I would also use a steel brush to remove the corrosion and treat the metal with CorrosionX. This part will get dissimilar metal corrosion (red circle) in all Dessalator watermakers and should be coated with CossosionX by brushing-on.

This is the cause of the dissimilar metal corrosion:

As an alternative, you can contact Dessalator. They can supply you with a new part. Dessalator <contact@...>

I hope this helps.

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On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 10:53 AM Ceriolim via <> wrote:
Hi Bill and members of this group,good day to you all and hope all is well and covid-19 free .
Here in Italy at the moment we are suffering total lockdown in most of the regions.
This is my second time I send a message to the group and in particular to you Bill , looking for advice.
My name is Maurizio SM2 #447 and I'm based in Italy.I follow you Bill since your navigation around the world.(you been ideed a great inspiration )
I'm now reconditioning my dessalator (only 34 hours of use) and the question I kindly ask to you and to the group is this:
From below photo attached, your knowledge and experience, do you think the part is having a leak? Bill, Your photos of the back of the panel has been a great help to understand the circuit...thanks so much.
From the back of the panel I didn't notice any evidence of water dropping neather on the foor.
What is your advise ? What should I do? I'm confused. Is there a real leak or is something else?I changed the HP tube from  panel to membrane because of a leack in the engine room, (one drop every 5 seconds) , I purchased Loctite 577 (new product for this kind of ermetic application) and I will be ready soon to riconnect the all circuit.
Thanks in advance for any advice you might have for me.
Kind regards

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